Midway Specialty Care Center

Midway Specialty Care Center

Midway Specialty Care Center (MSCC) is a specialized doctor’s office providing excellent care for those living with Hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS, and other Infectious Diseases.

We serve patients from Indian River, St. Lucie and Martin counties. Read more

The Midway Specialty Care Clinic is dedicated to bringing our patients the latest in new treatments for chronic infections. These medical conditions, previously regarded as serious and grave, are now considered to be just like any chronic illnesses that require life-style change and life-long drug therapy.

Ask your doctor if you qualify to participate in some of the most innovative clinical trials to date for your disease. More than 300 of our patients receive free medications and treatment through clinical trials. Breakthroughs happen through research.

Prescription Medicine Management

Treatment is the path to a healthy life. Please remember to take your medicine. We are proud to work with local community pharmacies that offer free home delivery. Participating Pharmacies

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